You’re Still Doing It wrong

If you’re doing it right, it shouldn’t hurt. Today, this is in reference to shoulders, but this really applies to everything.

I don’t care what someone tells you in terms of the correct way to do something. If you are experiencing major pain, you’re doing it wrong.

No, I’m not talking about sore kind of pain, I’m talking about the kind of pain that makes you feel like maybe you should get checked by a doctor.

The thing is, while yes, there are more correct ways to lift than others. This level of correctness can vary from person to person.

While there is a general trend of what works for most people that’s not always the case.

For example, look at people’s shoulders, the level of curvature on a shoulder girl can change from person to person. if you don’t believe me, look up Acromiom Types.

And, if you think this applies to just the shoulder, look at how long some people’s arms are compared to others, or how long people’s legs are compared to others. Or what about someone with flat feet as opposed to not flat feet.

We see these structural differences every day in people.

As we know, levers change drastically if the fulcrum point or the tensioning lever is changed. And because the body is just a series of levers, making minor changes translate into major differences in torque inna hell of a lot of different places.

If you have pain, it’s possible you’re just not following directions correctly, you never had a coach, or you think you’re doing the right thing and you’re not. But, everything in the fitness world has to be seen more as a guideline than as a fact because of our individual differences.

So, if something is causing you pain and injury, You need to reevaluate your form. I don’t care what your form currently is, if it’s causing you pain, there’s something wrong and needs to be adjusted.

I’m all for pushing through the hard stuff, but not if that leads to long-term and permanent injury which, especially when it comes to shoulders, just might.