Your Workout Probably Shouldn’t Be Fun

Demonstrating a new way to change your training routine

I was told my workouts (my personal training routine) are not fun today.

That kind of took me by surprise because while I enjoy lifting, I’ve never associated them with needing to be fun.

Yes, you can make workouts interesting and make them more enjoyable, but fun should not be any part of it.


Because if what you’re doing is “fun”, you’re not at the point of forcing adaptation.

Another way of saying “forcing adaptation, is “doing hard sh**”. Which I hate to break it to you, is not fun.

Yes, it’s better than nothing and you will adapt to a point, but you will reach you max gain relatively quickly.

This is because your body has no reason to change. Working out in the gym is not magic. It’s not like you lift things and muscle magically grows.

You go lift things or pushing things or run faster, and your body strains to the point of literally breaking and it goes “oh man, I need to make sure I don’t die” and so it repairs and rebuilds the broken pieces bigger and stronger then they were before. Every time something breaks, it makes that piece stronger.

This is why you always have to train harder. Because your body is stronger than it was last time, and now it’s more resistant to breaking down.

So, are my workouts fun?

No, they are frickin hard.

Hard enough to make men sometimes have to reevaluate my life before I step under the weight again. And, yours should be the same.

There ain’t no easy button.