Your Problem Is Not Enough Water

Serious lifters know that dehydration is the killer of gainz.

You can see this as they head to the gym with gallons of water.

But a large portion of the population, still don’t get this.

Our bodies are primarily made of water, and everything we do drains a little bit of that way.

We spend so much time talking about macros, and protein counts, and training routines, but we don’t talk about the thing that makes up the majority of our bodies.

If you back up a little bit and you look at this from the outside in, it’s stupid.

If you’re not gaining weight but you eating enough, check how much you’re drinking.

If you’re exhausted, but you’re still getting enough sleep, check how much you’re drinking.

If You’re in a terrible mood, and you can’t figure out why, check how much you’re drinking.

If you’re having a bad day at the gym, check how much you’re drinking.

More of the story is, If you’re not thinking about water, you should be. Water should be one of the first things you get in line on your journey to better fitness and a better life.