You Might Be Over Doing It

So in the past, we have talked a little bit about overtraining and how rarely it actually happens. One of the reasons why, is because normally common sense kicks in.

A sure sign of over training, is your body becoming more and more broken down. You don’t know this across one or two workouts, but across one or two weeks.

If your body keeps breaking down more and more, and your sleeping and eating haven’t changed drastically, then you might start recognizing that overtraining might be a real thing.

When you go to curl that barbell or squat all the way down, and you feel like your body is tearing apart, like it’s a little bit too stiff and broken, you might be overtraining. Not just the normal kind of stiff, we all kind of get that over time, but the kind of stiffness where hopelessness sets in. This is when you know you should probably back off a little bit.

There are a couple theories on how to fix this, but the one that I’ve always gone for is swapping out the exercise that day for a little bit lighter and higher rep workout scheme. That maybe even only be one set, and then I go and revisit the training plan as a whole and I try to mitigate the overtraining in the first place, trying to minimize one thing at a time.

If things get better and I don’t feel like I’m collapsing anymore, then I found it and if not then i just keep mitigating it one thing at a time.