What Does Jacked Even Mean?

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I got called out by a comedian today (I request these the night before). “Guy in the back, you are jacked”.

We had a quick back and forth and then he went on with his skit about him thinking he might be gay.

No conclusion in case you are curious.

But, besides obviously being flattered. It made my wife ask, “how come no one says that to me?”, “Does that mean I’m fat?”

Besides this obviously being a loaded question.

It does bring up The question of, what’s it take to be called “jacked”.

My wife is definitely in shape, being an avid crossfitter, and eating healthier than most people.

But, in shape, does not mean jacked.

Being in shape is having the physical capability to achieve anything you want to do with your lifestyle within the guidelines of being healthy.

Jacked, is just a slang aesthetic term. That, honestly only applied when you have someone that looks outside of normal.

It takes you either being a massive guy, a very low fat percentage, or with a combination of being moderate in both.

And sometimes it takes a little bit of genetics for where you store that fat.

So, don’t be stressed out if people don’t think you’re jacked, it has no meaning on your physical capability or your level of health.

If you do want that level of aesthetics, you already know the answer, just put in the work.