There Is Always More Milk

As a dude that has always had a hard time eating enough food, I found my solution years ago when I read an article about Mark Rippetoe’s GOMAD diet. What is this so-called GOMAD?

It’s actually not anything special, it’s adding a Gallon of Milk A Day to your current diet.

I love milk. I don’t like to eat a lot of food. I was trying to gain weight. Win. Win. Win.

While I don’t actually recommend this and I have definitely not kept to this, what it did was remind me that the latest fitness advice isn’t always the best.

By this, I mean the common “don’t drink your calories”.

If you are trying to lose weight sure, but otherwise, why not?

Yes, you miss out on fiber. But, otherwise, you will be just fine.

The GOMAD concept opened the doors to numerous kinds of homemade replacement meals that have not only allowed me to reach my goals, but they have also let me not have to worry quite so much about missing my dietary goals. Say hello to keto shakes.