Unapologetic American T Shirt

Torch Of Liberty T-Shirt  $29*

For over 200 years, America lit the way for freedom, hope, and opportunity across the world.

In 1886 the Statue of Liberty first shined it’s light on American soil, since that day the world has looked to the skies with a sense of hope.

It has become the American icon for independence, freedom, and opportunity.

Story Behind The Shirt

Reforged & Independent

It’s the individuals that makeup society, not the other way around.

Take charge of your life and find your independence.

The world will only give you what you are willing to take. Don’t wait for others to give you the green light. Live how you choose.

Our t-shirts are for those that live their live with no hesitation and are not afraid to put the work in. These shirts tell our stories, embrace our values, and claim our right to independence.

Unique Give Me The Fish T Shirt

Give Me The Fish T Shirt $28*

Your time is one of the most valuable things you have, don’t let people waste it. Life is to short to sugar coat things, be blunt, be bold, and demand to be given the fish.

Get your t-shirt that tells the world you don’t have time to play games.

Story Behind the Shirt

Unapologetic American T Shirt

Unapologetic American Tee  $29*

We are not proud to be American because we were born here, we are proud to be Americans because of what it stands for.

Be Unapologetic for what it means to be an American. Be proud of who you are and where you come from and show it with the Unapologetic American T-Shirt.

Story Behind the Shirt

Recast and Reforged Tee  $22

Live your life with no hesitation. The No Hesitation Lifestyle is about realizing that only you can say no. 

This T-Shirt is for them. 


Story Behind the Shirt

Unapologetic American T Shirt
Unapologetic American T Shirt

Decisions Made Tee $32 

Sometimes decisions go bad, whether it’s accidental or not, own it and move on. At least you made a decision.

Wear a shirt that reflects your willingness to take responsibility. Don’t be a sheep.

Story Behind the Shirt

We sell t-shirts for the independent. For those that make their own path and follow their own dreams. Just like our blog, we believe that claiming your  independence is the key to being you. 

Along wih being staunch belivers in independence. We are obssessed with our t-shirts. Unable to find tees we truly loved and refusing to settle for anything less, we took matters into our own hands and now make shirts we truly enjoy wearing. Here at Recast & Reforged we have combined our strong beleifs with our love for t shirts.

Our shirts are comfortable, high-quality, and American made. They are designed with the stories of our lives and embedded with our staunchly independent values.