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For over 200 years, America has been the torch that has lit the way for hope and freedom across the world.

We have clawed our way towards a society of ever more equal opportunity. We have created a country that is safer by all accounts (unless of course, you listen to cable TV) and today live in a place where anybody can become or do whatever they choose.

Are there some exceptions? Yes.

But as a whole, we have done a hell of a job. The children and young adults of America don’t just believe in equal opportunity, they embody it. Racism and discrimination are not publicly tolerated, and while discrimination might never go away, it has been relegated to the backwaters of our nation where it belongs.

Few Americans worry about their safety on a daily basis and quite a few feel safe enough to be able to head to their yoga class wearing nothing but yoga pants and a tank top and most likely balancing an iced Frappuccino.

But with all major changes, even good ones, there are side effects. The struggle for freedom has left a prevalent and disillusioned thought across our country that we are all equal. It has plagued America with the mindset that safety will be forever guaranteed.

People have forgotten that the world is not this soft and delicate place and that they alone are responsible for their own safety and success.

These effects have radiated throughout our community. Encouraging the population to accept “truths” that are not true, and become a people that no longer embrace the principles that won us our founding in the first place.

Equal opportunity does not equal equality, comfort does not equal safety, and freedom is never guaranteed.

We as individuals are the only cure. It is the conversations that we have on a daily basis that keep us engaged and knowledgeable. It is the values we uphold by our individual actions that set the example for others to follow. It is we as individuals that make our society the way it is.

We have a tendency to blame congress, blame the president, and blame the news for all of the ails of the world. But it is we the American people that are to blame.

The Reforged are those that take responsibility for our nation’s transgressions and have realized that we as individuals determine our country’s future.

It’s only once we have accepted responsibility can we begin to examine our values and how we live our lives to create a better future.

Each in their own right must claim freedom as their own. It’s the individual who gives society its freedom. #ReforgedAmerican


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