Reforged American: Be Proud Of What You Stand For

Give Me The Fish: Be proud of who you are. Be proud to be an American. But, be proud because of what being an American stands for, not because of the current policies in place. It is us as the individual that make up society as a whole. It is our individual independence and mentality that makes us great as a whole and as an individual.

Our Legacy IS a Representation Of Who We Are

For over 200 years, America has been the torch that has lit the way for hope and freedom across the world.

We have clawed our way towards a society of ever more equal opportunity. We have created a country that is safer by all accounts (unless of course, you listen to cable TV) and today live in a place where anybody can become or do whatever they choose.

Are there some exceptions? Yes.

But as a whole, we have done a hell of a job. The children and young adults of America don’t just believe in equal opportunity, they embody it. Racism and discrimination are not publicly tolerated, and while discrimination might never go away, it has been relegated to the backwaters of our nation where it belongs.

Be Proud

As much as we like to talk about fitness, a big part of our ability to succeed in both the gym and not is having the confidence to back up our decisions. A lot of that comes from the pride we have in who we are. 

Sometimes this is difficult, because we all make stupid and bull headed decisions everyday, but those individual decisions are not who we are. It’s our total legacy that makes us, us. 

Be proud of the good things you’ve done and want to do and be proud of your efforts to improve and grow. 

Pride is stupid if you don’t know why you have it, it’s empowering beyond measure if you know why you are proud.

For this reason, I’m proud to be American not because I was born here, but because of what America and the people that live here stand for.

America The Greatest

We have our faults, but just like with ourselves, it is not the tiny flaws that make or break us, unless we let it.

We have manged to develop ourselves into a country that not only allows freedoms, but gives us a level of security. This safety net has few of us worrying about our safety on a daily basis and quite a few feel safe enough to be able to head to their yoga class wearing nothing but yoga pants and a tank top and most likely balancing an iced Frappuccino.

But with all major changes, even good ones, there are side effects. Safety nets can quickly become nooses. Without staying aware and staying engaged with who we are and why we do things our successes can become our failures.

In our comfort we tend to forget that the world is not this soft and delicate place and that we alone are responsible for their own safety and success.

These effects have radiated throughout our community. Encouraging the population to accept “truths” that are not true, and become a people that no longer embrace the principles that won us our founding in the first place.

Equal opportunity does not equal equality, comfort does not equal safety, and freedom is never guaranteed.

We as individuals are the only cure. It is the conversations that we have on a daily basis that keep us engaged and knowledgeable. It is the values we uphold by our individual actions that set the example for others to follow. It is we as individuals that make our society the way it is.

The Cure Is To Be You

We have a tendency to blame congress, blame the president, blame the news, and blame everyone but ourselves for all of the ails of the world. 

But, as J.F.K. said, “Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

It’s only once we have accepted responsibility can we begin to examine our values and how we live our lives to create a better future.

Start by taking responsibility for your own life, grow it, improve it, and be proud of the results you reap and the values you stand for.

Each in their own right must claim freedom as their own. It’s the individual who gives society its freedom. 

Be Proud.