Personal Assessment

This next part, takes a little bit of investment on your part on a personal assessment.

I’m not you, and thankfully you’re not me, because no one wants that. So, more of the story is you have to be your own advocate and choose which path you take next.

There are three options after you do the pelvis reset, and they’re a little dependent on your pain levels, how bad you actually think it is, and if you actually need to see a doctor.

First thing is, I personally have gone to see a doctor/physical therapist once. It was the first time I tweaked my back, and I was told it was just a normal muscle spasm and it was good to go back in the gym and train.

I was given some “assistant work”, demonstrated the motions, given some pills, and sent back out.

Lo and behold, I start doing the assistant work and went back to doing the same thing as I was doing before and just pushing through the pain because he said it was just a spasm and “riiiiip”.

I went from a back tweak to a torn muscle and then I was out for 6 months.

It didn’t help that I didn’t have experience yet to know what the problem was in the first place, and it didn’t help that I didn’t know where to even look for help. But my major mistake was seeing that doctor and physical therapist that knew nothing about sports injuries.

I’m NOT telling you not to see them, but if you do, I recommend seeking one out that knows a thing or two about squatting.

So your first option is deciding if the pain is too much for you to do anything else and if you need to wait for the pain to subside a little or to go see a medical professional.

The second option is what I’ve always done.

I re-evaluate my form in the gym (regardless of where my injury took place), starting strength is a good place to look.

Or I find a coach.

This step is essential if you’re going to go without waiting or seeing a doctor.

If you have any part of you that’s unsure about the movement, man up and get a coach.

Even the elite athletes of the world have coaches.

If you want a nice suit, you go to a nice tailor. If you need surgery, you find a good doctor. If you want to get your moving patterns correct you go find a good coach.

Often poor movement patterns in the gym put us in worse movement patterns outside of it and may be damaging. It’s best to fix it now.