What Is This Site About Anyway?

Rowing The Grand Canyon with No Hesitation
Rowing 225 Miles down the Colorado River.

My Name Is T

Not Mr. T, not T- Pain, and not anything else you can come up with. Just T.

I live a no hesitation lifestyle, I refuse to sit back and wait for opportunities to pass me by.

Everything I do is to make sure I’m ready for the next adventure, task, or step in my life.

This does not mean I’m reckless and it does not mean I don’t plan.

Everything I do has a purpose.

I don’t workout, I train. I don’t work, I invest. I don’t eat, I fuel myself.

There is an end goal for all of these and a long-term objective that I will reach.

I do not believe in easy and I do not believe in stagnation.

There is only one thing I truly hate, the status quo.

The Blog

Recast & Reforge is about casting off the chains of society and remaking ourselves into a leaner, stronger, smarter, and better version of ourselves.

This is not a place for those that are ok with being average, ok with being weak, or those that put comfort first.

You either get weaker and dumber, or strong and smarter, there is no in-between.

Life is about experiences and there is only so much time to live them. We must be ready to take on any challenge at any moment, so every opportunity can be pursued.

You are here because you know there is more to life than the 9-5 job. You know there is more than just doing what you’re told. And, you are ready to stop being average and be the person you want to be.

Time to stop being lazy, embrace the uncomfortable, and start living your life with no hesitation.


Backpacking in Colorado with No Hesitation
Hiking in the Colorado Mountains. with my silkies.