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What Is This Site About Anyway?

Life For The Better

 Just like steel, sometimes we need to breakdown who we are to forge something new. While we specialize in physical fitness, our mental state and how we go about our lives is inextricably linked to what we can achieve either in the gym, out on the trails, or just living our daily lives. You cannot tackle one without the other.

It’s time to reforge our concept of how we live, grow, and develop as humans in this modern world.

To make such a radical change we need to start from the foundation up.

We start with the basics.

“Stress and our ability to overcome it is the foundation of being human.”


Rowing The Grand Canyon with No Hesitation
Rowing 225 Miles down the Colorado River.


Black And White Picture During Outlaw 100

About T 

Not Mr. T, not T- Pain, and not anything else you can come up with. Just T or Coach T.

My life revolves around my loving wife,  two Badass Australian Cattle Dogs, and finding the next adventure.

Whether that’s signing up for ultramarathons, rucking across the desert, or rowing down the Grand Canyon, I’ll be the first to say yes and then figure out the rest of my life around that. Jokingly referred to as the No Hesitation Lifestyle.

A phrase stolen from a jacked 60-year-old man who whitewater kayaks over 100 days a year (life goals).

After the Marine Corps, and realizing a high paying corporate job wasn’t for me, I decided to follow my passion for helping people live better and more fulfilling lives, using fitness as the medium.

Enter Recast & Reforge. This site is not only about convincing people that there is a greater world out there to explore, but about motivating others to reforge their lives into something better, mentally, and physically. 

We are all in this together and if there is any way I can help you on your journey feel free to ask. 

Hope to see you around (Preferably on a mountainside Or something),



*Reach me at