Naw It’s Thermodynamics

There is this crazy new thing going around in the fitness community. You have all of these “influencers” with 400k plus viewers spouting this line of “counting calories doesn’t work.” Then they proceed to talk about carbs, or high fat, or going keto, and eating non-processed foods. And then, they start throwing in some scientific words out there that they read off the internet discussing blood sugar and insulin spiking, or superfoods.

Now, I have been in ketosis a large portion of my life, and I do eat mostly non-processed food, but not because it keeps me looking good. But, because it’s harder to eat too much, and healthy and fat loss are actually not the same thing. And, I like being healthy.

Guess what? I still gain fat when I eat too much.

So, here is the thing, is it better to eat non-processed food?


Is it better for the average person to eat higher fat and higher protein?


Is it better to eat less sugar?


But, that doesn’t mean calories in calories out doesn’t apply.

They are two completely separate topics. Healthy is one. Fat is another. And sometimes, if you get too fat, it impacts your healthy state.

We can talk more about why you should still do all the above to stay healthy at a later date.

But, at the end of the day, thermodynamics is a thing that doesn’t go away because it’s in your body.

More movement means more energy required. 

Less movement means less energy required.

If you do more and eat less… Where does the energy come from?

That’s right, from you. 

Conservation of energy.

This link is the guy that made me decide to post about this. On a real note, he is not the worst and has some good points, but he fails to take into account that A) your body conserving energy is not as drastic as he makes sit seem (a couple of hundred calories difference, maybe), so your metabolism fluctuating doesn’t matter as much. B) None of this is precise machinery. Calories listed on food are often off as much as 25%. So, that’s why you never say “Cut your calories by 100 calories” it’s typically 500 calorie increments and over time your intake will average to be about 500 calories less a day. So, sorry man, not quite, but hey, at least you sound good and have a good camera.