More Things To Do

Part of lower back pain is your body triggering the pain because it thinks it’s an exposed position.

As we talked about before, your body is mentally and physically linked so if you believe something is worse it’s going to feel worse.

Some of what we have talked through is training your body to understand that the pain you feel, in the position that you are in, is not putting you in danger.

So if you can go through any kind of physical activity that is not going to aggregate your back, but just triggers a little bit of tension in the tweaked muscle, do it.

This typically comes about in doing small walks or very easy swimming.

This will take a little bit manning up, but you should not be in unbearable pain, just a slight feeling of it. I know all you want to do is sit on the couch in your depression, but if you want to recover you have to get up off your a**.