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Fitness Is More Than Just A Workout.

Hi, I’m Coach T. I’m a local Monterey Certified Personal Trainer that coaches in homes and private gyms. I help people gain mobility back, get stronger, lose weight, and become pain-free. 

It doesn’t matter your age, shape, size, mobility issues, or equipment, I’ve helped it all.

Making Lasting Change By Running Hard
Your goals can be reached with hard work and dedication.

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Our bodies are incredible, they can adapt, grow stronger, and become more mobile at any age and in any condition.

We are built to be human athletes.

Stop Back Pain By Squatting Like This
From a solid 119 to 190lbs, hard training and great coaching is what got me to where I am.

I sucked at sports my whole life.

Growing up, I played a multitude of sports. I grew up white water kayaking, rock climbing, and working out. But, as soon as I hit the field for Track or Cross-country, got on the wrestling mat, or played a Lacrosse game, I was constantly outclassed by those bigger, faster, and stronger.

To make it worse, I was this skinny nerdy kid that looked like he starved himself and lived in his basement.

It wasn’t until 2008 that started to change. My wrestling coach took me aside and showed me the ropes, taught me the basics of training, and I quickly started improving across the board.        

I felt reforged like I had been melted down and made into this new person. I felt like an athlete.

But, fast forward a few years, and I had stalled out, sucked into the latest fads, and hadn’t made progress in years. I had low back pain that wouldn’t go away, multiple torn muscles, and aching knees.

It wasn’t until I found a great Coach, Randy, who taught me what proper programming was and gave me an idea of what good nutrition was. My progress skyrocketed and my pain went away or greatly reduced. 

Since then I’ve had numerous coaches, gained certifications, read everything I could get my hands on (still do today) and I’ve continued to make progress and accomplish awesome feats that I could only have dreamed of in my early years.

I once again felt like I had been recast, crushing my peers and excelling in the Marines.

Strong and Fit At EWS
Training with my fellow Marines

While my goals have drastically changed over the years, the way to get there has not. Consistent hard work, intelligent programming, good coaching and mentors, and rock-solid nutrition.

Learning how to train, eat well, and become a better person has constantly reshaped me over the years and recast & reforged me into where I am today.

Online Fitness Coach, Coach T
Running my first 100-mile Ultramarathon.

What has helped me and what has helped my athletes over the years is what I hope to bring to more people.

No one should live their life with pain that can be trained away. Live feeling mediocre or weak. Be stuck on progress and not know what direction to go. Or live knowing they have much greater potential.

I love using the Forge as an analogy for training. Not just because it sounds cool, but because it represents the whole process. 

When steel breaks, it can never be the same as it was before. You can reweld it and add reinforcements, but that break will still be there.

The steel must be recast and reforged. Once it has been melted down, it can become anything. And this new thing will be just as strong if not stronger than it was before.

But, the only way this is done is by keeping that forge burning. Forges are notoriously hard to get started, but once they are, they just need to be fed and stoked. Just like our time in the gym

It’s commitment, consistency, and knowledge of the way forward that drives our growth.

This is what I coach my athletes and what I hope to bring to you.

If you’re ready to Recast & Reforge your life into something new, contact me so we can get you started.

Keep that forge burning,

Coach T.

Get started by contacting me at or filling out the form above.

It doesn’t matter where you start, it’s your willingness to take that next step forward.

Goals are not accomplished by luck, they are founded on habits that are incrementally trained, grown, and refined.

Coaching Packages

Personal Training - Day 1 $30

Coaching and Consultation

In-Home Personal Training
Physical Assessment
Needs Analysis
Nutrition guidance
1-hour session
Standard $75*

*Additional costs may apply

In-Home Monterey Personal Training and Coaching

In-Home Personal Training
Digital Coaching App
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In-Depth Nutrition Guidance
1-hour session
No equipment required,
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International Sports Science Association

ISSA is a premier personal trainer certificate and one of only three certifications that is recognized by the Department of Education. 

-Certified Personal Trainer

-Certified Nutritionist


Barbell Rehab Method

Barbell Rehab Method certified professionals are known as the go-to professionals for working with barbell athletes who have pain or mobility limitations.

Athlete Training Picture for Words Mean Things Article


10+ Years

Began coaching back in 2010. Since then I have trained and coached hundreds of individuals to better their lives. I have also personally raced and competed across a multitude of sports, races, and events.

-Strength and Conditioning


-Injury Prevention and Recovery

-Weight Loss

-Weight Gain

Stop Back Pain By Squatting Like This


Background and Accomplishments

  • Served 8 years as a US Marine
  • Cycled 2,700 miles in 3 weeks
  • Rowed 225 miles of the Grand Canyon
  • 2nd Place in a 100 mile race
  • 2 x 50mile Ultras
  • 7th In the USMC Recon Challenge
  • Ironman
  • Bataan Death March Ruck Marathon x 2
  • 405lb Squat / 315 lb Bench / 205lb Press / 515lb Deadlift / 205lb Pullup / 48 Pullups / 3 x Single-Arm Pullup / 4:58 mile