Man Up A Little

When I get a lower back tweak, the world always feels like it’s ending and it always feel like I can’t move.

But, over the years, I’ve learned, the quicker you get back to moving, the better it gets.

This does not mean going back to lifting heavyweights.

This is progression, starting with no weight, and maybe not even the bar, and possibly just getting yourself in the right position and sitting down onto a chair above 90.

But the most important part of this is to make sure you are doing the movement patterns correctly.

The day I get injured I will rest for an hour or two and let the pain subside slightly and then do 3 x 5 squat onto a chair with no weight.

Then either the next day od two days after. I spend an hour doing small sets of 2-5 reps with a few minutes in between. I do the reps until either the pain is too much, or I get tired. Then after being able to go to the chair above 90, the next day I will go to 90.

Then I might do it without a chair, and the one after that I might do with the bar.

Moral of the story, every day do a little more.. a little

If you feel any of that kind of back tweaking feel at all, even slightly, it means you’re jacking up the movement, so…



Bill Star has a great rehab program that is around the same lines. What I do has evolved off them.

I’ve done this with both Deadlifting and Squatting. I prefer squatting, but both seem to work well.