Less Is Sometimes More

I know it’s hard when building a training plan to leave things out, but if you want to excel it’s necessary.

The problem isn’t even necessarily physically based, a lot of it is mental. It’s what you put the focus on.

If you go to the gym and to have 8 exercises planned, it’s hard to focus on pushing out those last blood curdling reps when to know you have 7 more exercises to go.

Often times less is more.

Cut out what is not required for growth, remove the B.S. think clearly about what each exercise trains what, and why you include in the first place.

More likely than not, squatting and pressing and pulling is more than enough to reach your goals.

Just take a look, and really decide what you think is necessary.

More likely than not, it’s less than you think.

Am I having more than what you need, actually lessens your ability to grow.

Find a focus.