Just Don’t Be Weird About It

Add hip thrusters, or kettlebell swings into your training. Just don’t be weird about it.

For those of you that work out in the morning, or are thinking about working out in the morning.

You have a few different issues to contend with than those that work out in the afternoon.

You do have the benefit of not having your back overly stretched out by sitting poorly all day. And, often it’s easier to focus.

But, you have this additional issue of your body not being warmed up.

Well, you could say, duh I know to warm up.

To that, I would say that people often don’t warm up correctly or actually understand the point of warming up, but that’s for another day.

But, back to the main point. Because of the way we go about our daily lives we have an issue where certain muscles don’t get activated and basically fall asleep.

For example, you sit all day and your Glutes get mashed up and not used.


This problem doesn’t get better when you go to sleep and then wake up to work out. It’s just made worse, by not being worked for an even longer period of time.

So, because of this sitting issue and working out in the morning issue, adding hip thrusters and kettlebell swings before you squat or deadlift can be life-changing. Especially if you have issues with your lower back.