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“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” – J. F. Kennedy


Strength is a foundational human skill that must be trained, honed, and refined.

Stronger. Faster. Resiliant. These terms do not describe someone genetically gifted. They are the characteristics of a trained human. A human that has devoted themselves to being better.

Not someone gifted or talented, but someone who has put the time and effort into following a path of proven training that works.

You can see this at every level and every facet of life. Those that master the proven basics win.

The US Military dominates because it trains more than any military on the planet. Ukraine is kicking Russia in the teeth because they understand the importance of the basics. Michael Jordan was famous for his non-stop focus on the fundamentals. Walk into any training center in the country and you’ll see Squats, Deadlifts, Pressing, and Benching.

Training is the same, whether it’s in the gym or on the battlefield, it’s about the basics.

Training to be stronger, faster, and more resilient has been happening for centuries, it’s not as new as the fitness influencers would have you believe.

Science has disproved little but has helped to knuckle down the specifics.

If you’re ready to be stronger, move faster, and be more resilient, it’s time to learn the basics and master them.

Strength is the most basic of skills. Squats, Bench, Press, and Deadlifts are the foundation of everything we do and the key to being faster, stronger, and more resilient. Always train the basics.

Keep that forge burning,

Coach T

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Recast & Reforge is about reforging life for better. Just like steel, sometimes we need to breakdown who we are to forge something new. While we specialize in physical fitness, our mental state and how we go about our lives is inextricably linked to what we can achieve either in the gym, out on the trails, or just living our daily lives. You cannot tackle one without the other.

This site is not only about showing that there is a greater world out there to explore, but about motivating others to reforge their lives into something better, mentally, and physically. 

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