It’s About That Trend

Coaching Kayaking

I took my wife out kayaking the other day.

It was her first time and we were trying to teach her to roll. While she didn’t complete one, she got exceptionally close. A feat that can up to years to learn.

It’s always amazing seeing the small improvements made throughout a practice or training session regardless of who it is.

As the coach, you get to witness all of that.

It’s equally amazing to see the trainee upset at what you consider to be a great session.

They wrap up complaining that they’re just getting worse. Not realize that they’re only doing worse than they were the last couple of tries. And, even then, it’s because they’re tired.

If they could step back and see, they would see what you do. That they are light-years better than when they started.

So, for everyone out there practicing and training, don’t let how your one day finish characterize the journey to get there. There are plenty more days, and everything has its ups and downs.

Remember that the trend is what you’re looking for, not the spike.