Is it really screwing up, or is it just changing the workout

Dude Climbing Rope To Get In Shape

So, we’ve all heard it, if you screw your form up on the squat your back’s going to hurt.

And all of the ranting about how to have the correct squat form, and all the effort going into what’s good and what’s bad.

But, here’s the thing, look at elite powerlifters, look at the massive guys around you in the gym.

Do they always have the perfect form?

No. No, they don’t.

Now, there is a good way and there is a bad way to squat, but you have to think what’s causing that pain.

If it’s because you’ve herniated a disc, you’re damaging it because you’re pushing structures to a point of breaking, that’s bad.

But for most of us, that pain we feel is just the muscle being overworked and proprioceptors and muscle spindles firing off.

And, if you overworked it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve screwed up your workout routine, it could just mean you need to adjust it.

Just like your legs being sore after a hard squat day, or your chest hurting after a hard bench day, you just need to give your back some time to recover. So if it’s to the point where you can’t train because of how sore your back feels, treat it like you would anything else that’s lagging behind in recovery.

Train around it or is some cases take a rest day.

The question you really need to be asking yourself is, did you really screw up your workout? Or, do you just need to adjust it and allow some recovery?