Intro to the Blog of T

 Author Behind Blog Of T

This is the first post for The Blog of T, the story behind Recast & Reforge. 

First things first, why the hell would I start a blog. Especially while trying to start a t-shirt company.  While being overactive in the USMC reserves. After getting a new dog. While training for an ultramarathon. During my planning for a trip of a lifetime boating down 225 miles of the Grand Canyon. And working a full-time job as a consultant?

I think it’s mostly just to get stuff off my chest. If you made it this far, let’s make things clear. The Blog Of T series is different from my other articles. It has zero expectations. No required word length. No “keep it to the mission statement” and no judgment (well, we both know this is bull shit).

I don’t care about going back and editing for grammar and don’t really care if I lose my job over this ( My current job kind of sucks anyway, so this would really be a favor).

I also don’t care about bragging or any other politically correct crap that is expected or not expected, these are my thoughts. So, get over yourself.

The Beginnings of Recast & Reforge

So, let’s start with the origins of Recast & Reforge. 

In the land before time… just kidding, though I loved this movie as a kid. But, you should click thins link and buy things on Amazon through it. Then maybe I’ll stop being so negative cash on this hobby.

Anyway, I got out of the Marine Corps in October 2018. I loved the USMC, I still love the USMC, but my wife and I were both active duty, opposite deployment schedules, and we rarely saw each other from the moment I left college (she graduated two years after me).

So, I drew the short straw. But, to be fair, I also wanted to try my hand at something else. I did great in the Marines and I am extremely proud of the work I put in. So, despite my borderline perfect career path and the receiving of two Navy and Marine Corps achievement medals at my first command, it was time to move on.

But, when I thought about getting out, it honestly scared me. I didn’t know what to expect, and I hated the idea of not doing something because I was scared. So, to be honest, while I missed the Marines, I think it was a good choice. You really have to live boldly in life.

*On a side note, I’ve had a habit my entire life of changing directions every time I start getting good at something. This continues that trend.*

Transitioning Off Active Duty and Clueless

When I got out, I kept dreaming about starting a business. This wasn’t an all of a sudden thing. I had always wanted to, but it wasn’t until I read the “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferris that I really got sold (I may or may not have drunk the kool-aid).

Then I got scared and realized I couldn’t let my wife be the only one earning a paycheck. To be honest, at first I thought I had just found out I was more chauvinistic then I thought. Probably more surprisingly, it didn’t really bother me that much. It bothered me just enough to think about it. I kept feeling like I had to be a breadwinner. But, a friend helped me walk through this. 

And, I think he is right. It’s not a chauvinistic thing, because I didn’t mind my wife making more money than me, I just felt like I needed to make a contribution. It was an “I need to pull my own weight thing”.

Anyway, I digress. In my fear, I started applying for jobs. I relatively quickly got a few offers and eventually picked a consulting job after my older sister endlessly harassed me about how much I would love it.

She was wrong.

Though, it’s mostly because I mas mourning the loss of how much independence I had in the Marines. I’ve always been a rule follower, but I realized that I was only a rule follower because it made people trust me enough to let me do whatever I wanted. Counter-intuitive, yes, but it worked. Also, I didn’t really do it on purpose. Yay subconscious.

My Whole Life Leads To This? Not This Guy

Once I got out and had to work at a company where I had a bunch of bosses and everyone micromanages, I realized how much I hated authority (a little ironic).

Here I was, essentially an executive assistant (a very well paid executive assistant) disguised as a program manager and zero freedom. 

Which pisses me off. How does a company, that is for-profit, control my life?

When I realized this, I had two choices, quit, and possibly end up at another job that I might also hate or make my own rules and find a way to earn my salary without relying on a single job, a.k.a adding a fuck-it clause to my life.

I chose the second. So, I set a goal.

I have given myself six months to find a way to build up my brand, my site, my blog, and my investments to a point of replacing my salary. To include the use of the money I make through the reserves, through the VA, and any other means.

I now repeat it to myself every day at least 10 times. “I, T, will financially replace my salary by October 30th, 2019”.

This blog and my other one are all about how I truly feel. I do not lie on either, and I promise to be as authentic as I can in both. The difference, this is the background story and the other is the best face we all put forward. 

And the t-shirts.

I truly am picky about my t-shirts and figured if everything goes to crap, at least I’ll have some shirts I like wearing. Thanks for following along the Blog Of T.

All the best,