Good Enough For A Rental


” If you suck, you suck, don’t let that intimidate you from the work. Lean In and get it done. “

Good Enough For A Rental

” If you suck, you suck, don’t let that intimidate you from the work. Lean In and get it done. “



Professional handymen, actual DIY’ers, and my wife’s Dad, who I may or may not still be trying to impress eight years later, this article is not for you.


As I lean my shoulder against the house and nimbly balance on one foot, while six feet up on a ladder, and painting the trim around my house, I decided that my DIY’er abilities are well suited to the skills of a crappy handyman hired to take care of a rental property.


No disrespect to handymen (well, maybe a little), but in my experience, general handymen suck. Case in point, a few examples:


Apartment #1


  • Repair: I asked them to repair the built-in steel drawers in my closet because I got tired of practicing my curb stomp on a well-paced screwdriver to get the drawers open.


  • Solution: Called the handyman. Came home at the end of the day to see that the “handyman” had taken a belt sander, or something, and ground down just the right front corner of the drawer. I mean, it kind of worked, but then again the track also just needed some hardware that I wasn’t willing to buy, hence me calling the handyman. Apparently, they didn’t want to buy hardware either.


Apartment #2


  • Repair: The part of my wall with the shower curtain rod attached ripped apart and both the wall and shower curtain fell on me while showering. Looked like rotten wood.


  • Solution: Called the Handyman. Handyman took a power drill and really long screw and screwed through the base of the shower curtain rod and into the wall and then placed massive amounts of caulk around it. His words, “that should hold it”.


Apartment # 3


  • Repair: Black fuzzy stuff by the kitchen window that kept coming back after cleaning (black mold?). I assumed it had something to do with the leaking faucet.


  • Solution: Called the Handyman. The handyman cleaned it and left a note recommending to use bleach if it happened again.


Now, I’m not sure how much I should complain. I have definitely done numerous “repairs” to get my deposit back on rentals. To include, toothpaste to fill in nail holes, mixing wood chips and epoxy together to patch large holes in cabinets (with some well-matched spray paint, this works well), and using caulk and toy model paint to fix almost anything else short of structural damage. BUT, handymen also do this for a living.


Paying for an “expert” doesn’t seem to get you much.  The term is just a separation of knowledge from them and the average person.  And with the advent of YouTube, It means relatively little without the backing of pride and effort.  Very rarely is someone going to care more about your stuff then you do. Especially something you have invested a substantial amount of money in. Learn to sweat, watch some YouTube videos, dust off that human ingenuity, and put the work in. The time, effort and knowledge gained will be well worth it.


Back to my story:  I was repairing the trim around my house. It had started to peel and the two joined pieces of wood started separating. I didn’t buy anything for the job.  I had found a rusty paint can in the garage from the previous owner (2015) that had the right color paint. I used a sander I had previously bought from harbor freight ($20) to sand down the peeling paint. I had some leftover caulk from when I patched my sink, that I used to fill in the gap between the trim. I used a metal spatula and a paper towel to smooth out my crappy caulking job and then found a paintbrush with the bristle’s half chopped off (not sure why, wife?) and slapped some paint on it.


Overall, I decided that the repairs on my house (the one I own and live in) are pretty damn good, and from my past experiences, at least good enough for a rental. I am strangely okay with that. If you suck, you suck, don’t let that intimidate you from the work. Lean In and get it done. #LeanIn

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