The Three Sins Of The Weak

T Taking Get In Shape To Heart

Give Me The Fish (GMTF): If you’re out of shape, it’s by choice. Committing one of three sins of the weak is a fast track to sucking at life. Being lazy, failing to see the importance of health, or playing the victim card is not only obnoxious to those around you but self-destructive and will not allow you to ever get in shape.

Your body is an investment more valuable than anything else on this planet. Putting the time into making that investment grow is completely in your control and essential to success. Get up off the couch, take control of your life and become a physical badass. 

Stop Making Excuses And Get In Shape    

Your health is inextricably linked to your physical fitness. Being weak opens you up to a higher chance of injury in everyday life, closes doors on what you can physically do in life, is mentally self-destructive, and makes you less attractive.

The last one is not just important for finding that girl of your dreams, but for getting people to like you enough to give you jobs, trust you in business decisions, and put you in positions of responsibility.

The importance of being in shape cannot be overstated. It’s the most important thing you can do to turn your life around. Get in shape now and improve your life, or don’t and continue on your downward spiral of a mediocre life. Your choice.

Saying you don’t have time to get in shape is a lie, not only to yourself but to everyone around you.

 Even when putting in 90 plus hour weeks, I always find the time to get some training in. And, I’m not some time traveling guru.

 The fact is, you just don’t have it as a priority in your life. And saying that your body is the only thing you truly own and the most important asset you will ever have, by not taking care of it, you might as well be committing some slow sadistic version of suicide.

Chances are if you are out of shape it’s because you are committing one of the three sins of the weak:

  1. You’re Lazy
  2. You’re Playing The Victim
  3. You Don’t Understand The Value Of Your Health

Stop Being Lazy

Laziness is a symptom, not a cause. It’s a symptom of failing to properly prioritize your life. Choices are just the physical incarnation of priorities.

Life is made up of choices. Everything you do is a decision made by you, just like how everything you don’t do is because you chose not to.

Hell, you can even choose to commit murder. There just happens to be a few consequences if you do.

 Just like when you kill someone, there are consequences to every choice you make.

Choosing to not get in shape results in a crappier life.

Being lazy is choosing to suck at life. And the most common sign of this is when you hear someone whining, “I don’t have time.”

 By saying you don’t have time for something is the same as declaring it’s not important. Time is an excuse for the lazy.

Generally this whining, “I don’t have time” statement is compounded with their job as an excuse.

That decision is choosing a job over a healthy life, a job over a happy life, and more importantly, a job over being physically able to provide your own safety. 

Jobs are an excuse for the stupid.

Jobs are there to make you money to keep you and your family healthy (food, shelter, security).

Your physical ability not only sustains your ability to maintain your job, but is also essential for ensuring your ability to give food, shelter, and security to yourself and your family.

Sacrificing your health for your job is like betting your house in poker, except the winning stake isn’t money, it’s a temporary stay at the casino (think about it).

You can change all of this. 

All it takes is a decision. A decision that says you are more important than anything else around you.

As it should be.

Your body, its health, and its physical capability is the only thing you truly own. This makes physical fitness your number one priority.

And don’t bring up your B.S. excuse “I have kids”. Even our crappy airlines got this part right. “Place your oxygen mask on first before helping small children”. How are you going to help your kids if you’ve lost your ability to play with them, set good examples, and protect them if needed.

You have time to get in shape if you make it a priority.

Revaluate your values and decide to stop being lazy.

Decide that you want to be able to kick down doors, climb mountains, and beat the crap out of the guy that is trying to hurt your kids. 

Stop Playing The Victim

Playing the victim and being in denial go hand in hand. No one likes to see themselves as the weak-willed coward in the story. To remedy this, storylines are created for why they can’t do things. A.K.A excuses.

There are few bigger denials than the denial of what kind of shape you’re in.

News flash, if you’re huffing and puffing like you just ran a 50m sprint after climbing a set of stairs, you’re fat…or weak…or both.

You might not look it, but you are. Actions speak louder than words and, in this case, louder than mental denial.

Worse than this, it’s feeling that your fitness doesn’t have an impact on your life.

Don’t Be A Door Mat

I understand if you are actively trying to fix your weak body. We all start somewhere and I will never knock someone who is seriously trying, regardless of how you look, but if you’re not, that’s another story.

There are a million and one excuses for why you can’t do something, what truly separates the chaff from the wheat, is the sweat and pain you put in to fix the problem.Dude Climbing Rope To Get In Shape

Victims are those that are not actively controlling their lives, being an active player, and controlling their destiny.

If you want to control your life, you have to understand that everything that happens to you is your responsibility. Fault is not a part of the discussion. Fault is the past. Correction and direction are the future.

Injuries seem to almost always go hand in hand with the victim card. I’m here to tell you that old injuries are an excuse for the weak and narrow-minded.

You might not be able to bend your right arm more than 90 degrees, but that doesn’t stop you from being able to punch a hole through a door with your left.

By blaming your problems on bad knees, a bad back, bad genetics, not enough time, or some other B.S. excuse, you are being a doormat in life.

Things are happening to you, rather then you happening it.

Victims don’t win at life and you have the ability to decide if you’re ok with that. I’m not, and you don’t have to be either

The first step is admitting you are fat and out of shape because of your own choices. The second step is taking action.

Victims are self-appointing.

Stop shirking the responsibility for what happens in your life. Take control.

 Your Body Is An Investment

Your body is the only thing you truly own.

Your body is your life. Regardless of what you believe in, when your body dies, your life on this planet is over. That makes it and the shape it is in, rather important.

To dial it back an extreme, even if you’re not concerned about long life, poor health severely limits what experiences are available to you.

The least of which is being turned away at a theme park for fear of you breaking the ride, all the way to the point of not being able to go ice climbing in the Andes.

Your body and the shape it is in is an incalculable value because your body and health is the true basis for all value.

Things only have worth due to a need or a perceived need, all stemming back to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The foundation of which is food, shelter, security, and connected, health

 I have an automatic distrust of those who are out of shape. For the simple reason, they don’t value their own life, which means I no longer understand what they do value.

 Everything you do is based on living or ensuring the lives of others. There is nothing else, think about it.

 Life is the common ground that we as humans share. 

When I see that you’re not in shape, I immediately have to ask myself, is it because they don’t value their life or because they don’t understand how to get in shape. 

I have sympathy for the ignorant, but sympathy does not mean accepting.

By the fact that I have to immediately question someone I meet, unfortunately for the recipient, it means I have one more thing to consider before I make a business decision with them, decide to take a trip with them or decide to help them out. 

This is not unusual; this is called a first impression.

 While most people will not acknowledge this, look at successful CEOs, look at those that earn their own money and power through the moving of people’s opinions. 

Looks matter and being in shape is an easy way to make that happen.

 Not only does your ability to get in shape reflect in the opinions of others, but it also reflects on your opinion of yourself. Look at the studies that show the effect of obesity on the depressed.

 Get in shape and your life will be more successful, you will be happier, and you will be able to do more than sit on the couch and watch TV.

 Being in shape is in investment into who you are and your well-being.

It’s A Choice To Get In Shape

Everything in life is about priorities. It’s not about time, it’s not about injuries, and it’s not about excuses.

It’s about understanding what is valuable to you and what’s not. Your health, your physical ability, and your appearance should be at the top of that list. They are things that are yours without question and will provide you value for the rest of your life.

You will always find time for what’s important, and there is nothing more important than the shape you are in. As a human, you should be able to run, jump, climb, and fight. If you can’t do these things, you are missing a fundamental part of living.

Revaluate your life, own up to your choices, stop lying to yourself, and understand that if you are not looking like King Leonidas or the Wolverine, it’s because of your choice not to get in shape and the consequences will be more then just not being able to play a game of basketball.