Enough With The “Good Workout”

One again, I’m talking to someone, a coach no less, about a “good” workout they did that they had taken from the web.

While everybody is going to adapt to any new stimulus. Unless you workout just for fun, the point of working out is to develop yourself.

And, you can’t develop yourself through one good workout, you develop yourself through increasingly harder workouts. You have to give your body a reason to adapt and develop, a physical reason.

Why is this?

Because your body develops either by swelling what you have, or by building into the gaps formed by broken tissue. All caused by committing micro trauma to the muscle. But, here’s the thing, muscle growth does not equal strength. Alot of that has to due with electrical pulses sent along your myelin sheath that stimulate your muscle.

The more efficient your body gets by practicing this, the faster and stronger these pulses are sent and the stronger you get.

So, if you don’t build the strength aspect, at a certain point you are no longer strong enough to put your body in a position to micro damage itself.

Hence, you have to practice movements to get to the point of being able to grow yourself.

So, I hate to tell you this, but your “good” workout, ain’t so good in the scheme of things.