Don’t Listen To Stupid

Your body is not out to get you.

I saw some ads on YouTube today with a “trainer” talking about how it’s impossible to lose fat doing cardio.

That is straight-up stupid.

Your body storing fat is a mechanism for storing energy for later. Your body also understands that it’s beneficial to be operating at optimal performance.

So, why do you think your body would store energy for later, and then never use it?

It wouldn’t because that would be stupid and natural selection has a great way of weeding out stupid.

They die.

So, this is where the calories in-calories-out comes in. When your body requires more calories than you are currently consuming, it will use the energy sources it has available to perform.

There are some limitations to this because if you are completely starving, your body will make you more lethargic, because it wants to burn less energy to make sure it doesn’t run out of fuel.

But, it will still burn the energy available, just a little slower because you are doing less.

This means that drastic diets work because it has to make up a larger difference in energy. 

If you are eating just a little bit fewer calories, then your body will perform at relatively the same level, and burn calories at relatively the same level, so you will slowly lose weight.

Both work, and both work regardless of what kind of exercise you are doing. The only reason that cardio tends to burn more, is because you are putting in more motion than you are doing most other types of exercise, and more motion, just like in your car, barns more fuel/food.

Moral of the story, don’t listen to stupid.