Cardio Drums?

Cardio drums. Yep, that’s a real thing.
Apparently, they have this thing that’s similar to Pilates except you have a pair of wooden sticks and a yoga ball on top of a 5-gallon bucket and you hit them in tune to some kind of crappy pop music.

Now, you probably think I’m going to say this is a waste of time.

But, you’d only be partially correct. I don’t have anything against the actual idea of cardio drums, the issue is, that the trainer, or whoever designed this doesn’t really fully understand the idea of how the body adapts.
Can the body adapt to this?

Yes, and it will, but is it going to adapt in a way that helps you?

That’s the first question you should ask yourself.

The next question that comes up is, how do you force your buy to adapt after you adapt to your one cardio drum session?

How do you gauge how much harder to hit?

How do you force your body to be in such an uncomfortable position, where it forces you to be better?

Dan John, actually a great quote about this. To paraphrase, he says every workout works once.

And it’s based on the same concept, the idea that of course, you are going to be forced to adapt to anything new you try, but the body gets physically better and physically more fit by continually facing harder and harder obstacles and challenges that force it to. It does this in a relatively specific fashion.
And, while technically you can probably do that with anything, as humans it’s really hard to gauge and it’s hard to plan for that especially if you’re doing something called cardio drums.

So, if you’re doing this for fun, or you’re using it to burn some calories, great. But, otherwise, unless you’re trying to train for being part of the next major rock band out, I’d probably leave the cardio drums to the drummers and get to the gym.