Aspirin and Lifting?

Learned something new, tried something new, follow suit at your own risk.

No, I’m not a doctor, and if you want to do this you should probably see medical professional advice first (CYA). But apparently, in small doses (tenth of a pill) taken before workouts, Aspirin has been shown to significantly increase your ability to both recover, burn more fatty acids, and push harder in the gym. And before you ask your question, yes. Of course, this was developed by crazy soviet scientists. Unfortunately no link for pushing harder and recovery, I read it in a book, but reference below. Link to burning fat is available.

Side note: Taking more did not help in their studies and if used regularly it loses its effect.

Personal note: Only tried it for a week. I felt loose in my Squats, so probably won’t do that again, but I did actually feel stronger across the board (placebo maybe?). It may find it’s way into more heavy bench days.

Study Asprine Activating AMP-Activated Protein Kinase:

Book Reference for Soviets
“Fitness: The Complete Guide, Ninth Edition, 2019; Dr. Frederick C. Hatfield”