Art Of The Lower Back Tweak


All of a sudden you are getting second-degree whiplash as your back curls forward in an effort to protect itself, right when you’re squatting down or pulling up on a weight.

One moment you felt awesome like you’re dominating the workout and the next you’re on a knee trying to figure out how you’re going to stand up and walk out, let alone put away the weights.

The classic back tweak.

Besides your first thought of “oh s***”.

You immediately start questioning everything in your existence on what you should do next, like “How do I get home”, “Crap I can’t believe I can’t finish the workout”, and the onset of depression because this is your the third time this happened to you and you already know how much pain and how long it’s going to be for the weeks ahead.

For those that have read my articles, you know that I’ve had a long history with back tweaks, starting with tearing a back muscle about a decade ago.

Having not rehabbed it correctly the first time, it has led me to an easily aggravated back. The bright side of this is I not only have to pay a lot of attention to my form, but I’ve also gotten very good at recovering from this, and since the second tweak years ago I’ve yet to have a back injury occur from the actual movement itself. It’s always been after the fact, due to a dog running between my legs while squatting, having someone bump the barbell while lifting, and, of course, the classic putting the weights away when finished.

Well, the next few days or so I’m going to cover what I’ve done to go from taking that embarrassing knee in the gym, back to squatting max weights.

And turning month-long recovery into a week or two.

Hope you stay tuned.