Are They Dumb?


Havasu Canyon Creek
Havasu Canyon Creek

People like to categorize people. They always have and always will. The issue is when you don’t realize it.

How often have you just decided someone was dumb, or weak, or lazy?

Chances are, you do it every day. 

It might be to a co-worker you have worked with every day for 5 years, a guy/girl you went to school with, or your next-door neighbor.

What’s interesting, is that we all do it and chances are that person feels the same way about you.

Chew on that for a minute.

People feel the same way about you that you feel about them. What that means is that they have as much to offer you as you do to them.

Probably not in the same areas, but something.

We tend to do well in the things we care about and not so much in the things we don’t. More than likely, that “dumb” co-worker of yours, probably just hates his job or was never taught how to do his job.

So, next time you want to put someone in the weak, dumb, or lazy category. I challenge you to find out what they care about and chances are you will learn something along the way.