Continuing with the trend of building up reps over weight if you find you are blowing past 10 reps on the “to failure”, keep going, but remember to up the reps in the following week for the first 2 sets. Typically it’s pretty accurate to just add the amount of reps you did over failure to the first two sets, but spread loaded between them. For example, if you did 17 reps to failure, next week, your first two sets for Bench should be 16 reps and 13 reps. If you are just reaching 10 or below, keep it the same until you can.

Remember that a lot of this is mental, clearly picture these movements in your head, trying to mentally feel the “hardness” of the movement before you even touch the bar. This not only helps clear your head, but it actually makes you lift more.

Sustained Strength Phase 2 – Microcycle 1 – B2

Bench 1 x 12, same weight as last B2

Bench 1 x 10, same weight as last B2

Bench 1 x failure, goal is 1 more rep than last time

Pushups in sets of 10 reps to reach 200 in total. 15-30 second rest

Unweighted/ weighted Planks for FSAP for 6 minutes, weighted count for double time.


If you have my questions, feel free to reach out.