“We will not forget”. I’m not going to use this to create a hero WOD or anything else. But, it is a reminder of how sudden life can be over. If not for ourselves, then somebody else we know and love.

Does this mean we should only live in the present?

No, because  there is also a good chance we will be kicking it 50 years from now.

But, it means we should enjoy life alongside preparing for the future.

So, for today, finish the workout and keep preparing for the future. But either before or after, do something you love. 

Do something that you would want to do if you had 15 minutes left on earth.

Live now, prepare for the future.

Sustained Strength Phase 2 – Microcycle 2 – B2

Bench 1 x 12, same weight as last

Bench 1 x 10, same weight as last

Bench 1 x failure, goal is above 10, same weight as last

Unweighted/ weighted Planks for FSAP for 8 minutes, weighted count for double time.

30 minute easy run.


If you have my questions, feel free to reach out.