Sustained Strength Phase 1 – Microcycle 2 – B2

Adding the FAQ today, so last day for explanations.

Today’s focus is the bench. I highly recommend you doing these with spotter. That only is it not cool to drop a bar on your neck, but it also usually helps you lift more weight. Not because the spotter helped you, it’s a confidence thing.


Like yesterday, Workout is lift specific. No need to warm up for the push-ups or hollow bodies. The bench inside lift takes care of this.


Bench 2 x 10

Bench 1 x failure, goal here is to get more than 10 reps. This determines if you go up next week.

Deadlift 2 x 5, if you need to cut it down to 1 x 5.

200 pushups in as few sets as possible.

Hollow body holds until your abs burn.