Sustained Strength Phase 1 – Microcycle 1 – A2

Today is short because it’s mentally hard. Everything should be focused on the squat.

This is your bread and butter. Few things build personal fortitude in a controlled environment, but this is one of them. But, another one is farmers’ walks and we get the pleasure of both.

Needless to say, but today is all mental.

When you feel those weights pulling from your grasp and your legs start to naturally speed up in an attempt to finish faster, and when you start thinking about how easy it would be to quit… don’t.

This is what determines who you are.

Warm up is specific to the squat unless you are working out in the morning. In that case, do 5 minutes of something to get your heart moving (i.e. jump rope, biking, running, burpees, ect.) Then do hip thrusters until your posterior chain feels warmed up. Squats are always, bar weight by # of planned reps during the first set, then add 25lbs to each side and then do half of the reps you did before, then take off the 50lbs and 45lbs to each side, and do 1 rep, then add 25lbs to each side and do 1 rep, then take off the 50lbs and add 45lbs to each side and do 1 rep, rinse and repeat until you reach your working weight. Then take a 3-minute rest and then begin.


  • 2 x 10 w/5-minute rest
    • Form is your focus (everything should be tight), this will burn. Mentally focus before each rep, this is a much a mental challenge as a physical one.
  • 1 x Failure
    • The goal is to break 10 reps. Breaking 10 reps means progress. Do you want success in your life? 

Farmer Walks

  • Out is one “set”. Back is another.
  • Grab the heaviest weight you can that you think you can walk 100 yds with. Brace yourself mentally and physically, grab that weight and head off into the sunset. When that weight peels from your hand you’re done. Then head back.
  • This is when you come to Jesus. Don’t set the weight down until you can set it back in it’s home. You may have to jerry-rig weights to make it heavy enough. Straps work well.
  • Good luck.


  • Go for an hour Running/Rowing/Swimming/whatever.
    • This part of the training cycle is not about crushing cardio. This is about maintaining your cardio, practice for your specific sport ( for me it’s racing) and it’s also because cardio is about health and lets you go on cool adventures.