First posted workout. This is technically day three of the transition from a strength focus training cycle to building work capacity.

The focus of today is actually on pullups, which may make you wonder why Barbell Rows are first. To make a long explanation short, Barbell Rows are taxing on your CNS, pullups are not. So, Rows don’t take away too much from pullups, but pull-ups take away from rows.

Barbell Rows are important for a strong upper back, which helps support your lower back. If you have lower back pain, over time, this will help.

The Gymnastics work is just a fun way to work on core strength. feel free to substitute.


Barbell Row 5×5

Pullups with as few sets as possible to reach 25. If you can do this in two sets or less, add weight.

BB Curl 3 x 5

5 Minutes of Lever and Planche Work