True to our motto, a lot of change is going on here at Recast & Reforge. With that, I’ve decided to add in what I do on a daily basis in terms of my workout, along with my continued daily dose. This is not to be the next “Crossfit WOD”. I actually hesitated to do this for a long time for this very reason.

The thing is, workouts should be more individualized. What I do and what I train for and how I train is different than how you train or how you should train.

What is a workout, but a drop in the bucket compared to my training cycles.

Roughly every year, Spring to Summer is strength, which slowly transitions into muscular endurance as the whether begins getting unbearable in the southwest. Summer to Fall builds into work capacity and Fall to winter starts an endurance focus that ends in Winter to Summer with races, challenges, and events.

A workout in the midst of this means nothing. I compare this workout today to the one I did last year around the same time. Did I lift more or less?

If I compared now to last winter, I look like a god in the training world, having literally gone up a hundred pounds in my squat and deadlift. But, if you compare to last year, I’m mediocre, having gone up only 20lbs in what technically is a year.

So, feel free to follow along as I begin posting, but remember that you should modify what I do to match your training and your style. 

We are most likely at different places in our lives, with different priorities, different injuries, and different mental states.

Follow at your own risk.

So, on that note, check back tomorrow to see how it begins.