Sustained Strength Phase 1 – Microcycle 2 – C2


Barbell Row 5 x 5

Weighted Pullups FSAP for 15 reps

Barbell Curl 3 x 10

Optional: Training for Pullup World Record

Levers from rings – 10 x negatives

  • Start with your feet above your head and slowly lower down until failure, that’s one rep

Planches from rings 10 x holds

  • Start in a curled position with arms straight and legs off the ground, slowly extend your legs into the planche position until you fail, that’s one rep

5 explosive pull-ups


ActualExploring Northern California

Upside Down bodyweight Row with a hold at the top  x 50 reps

Pullups with wife on back FSAP 10 reps

Partner Curls until arms burn and then some

Levers from a stationary object – 3 x Hold at the hardest position and do leg wipers until failure

Planches from the ground – Hold at the hardest position and roll side to side while maintaining the position

5 explosive pull-ups from a stationary object

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