I’m not going to sugar coat it.

It’s about commitment.

These are the thoughts I have when people freakout after I ask for a dozen eggs.

“You’re joking…right?”

No, I’m not. And, quite frankly, the only reason I don’t eat more than a dozen eggs is because it’s a pain to crack that many eggs.

People always complain that they can’t gain muscle, can’t lose fat, and want to know why they are not as jacked as they were in high school, and aside from the fact that their hormones have tanked, there is no reason why they can’t gain muscle, lose fat, and be in better shape then they were in high school.

So, why aren’t they?

It goes back to the eggs. People are often not willing to put in the work, put in the commitment, or able to handle the uncomfortableness of reaching their goals.

Most of you have probably trashed and abused your bodies through bad eating habits and a lack of structured fitness for the last few decades or more. 

Now you think it is going to be easy and quick to reverse that?

If you did, you would be wrong.

You can get visible results quickly, but the path to health is a long and hard one and in some cases might take a dozen eggs.

And, until you are ready to take the plunge, quit complaining, it’s just your weakness spilling out.