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“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen.” – J. F. Kennedy

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Break Your Lack Of Focus

Focus is a habit. It’s what makes your life worth living, it’s what determines if something is worth doing or not and if you will actually get anything out of it. Whether you are training or attending a conference if you want to make yourself better and live a better life learn to focus on the task at hand and learn to care about what is going on around you. Break your lack of focus….Click the Picture for the rest of the article.
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Life For The Better

Recast & Reforge is about reforging life for better. Just like steel, sometimes we need to breakdown who we are to forge something new. While we specialize in physical fitness, our mental state and how we go about our lives is inextricably linked to what we can achieve either in the gym, out on the trails, or just living our daily lives. You cannot tackle one without the other.

This site is not only about showing that there is a greater world out there to explore, but about motivating others to reforge their lives into something better, mentally, and physically. 

Reforge your life for the better.